We help people to create a healthier, fitter lifestyle. Not by providing fixed plans, but by using different and varied exercises and functional movement. In other words: by teaching people the ins and outs of CrossFit.

CrossFit combines the most effective types of training: weights, gymnastics, and high-intensity cardio. There is no other type of workout that is more effective and more diverse when it comes to exercises, skills, and drills. This means that CrossFit generates tangible, real results on all levels. And it is more than just a way to become fit. It is a way of life, a philosophy. A way to take care of your body and prepare you for any challenge that life is throwing at you.

At CrossFit Heerenveen, we help you achieve your goals. We create a plan that works for ou and is challenging at the same time; if it isn't challenging you, it won't change you. At CrossFit Heerenveen, you can work in groups or on your own, with a buddy, or a coach. You set the goal, we help you get there.